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Products for Industrial

The premier products for the industrial market with Owens Pump & Equipment.

Deskins Polymer Mixing

Polymer Mixing

The Deskins RapidFloc Mixer is a unique inline, motorless mixing flocculating device used to enhance chemically induced liquid-solids separation.  Typically, dewatering polymers are fully activated prior to being injected into the sludge.

RapidFloc Mixer performes the task of mixing the activated polymer solution with the sludge more effectivly.  Using a cascading flow pattern with strategiclly placed baffles, creates a unique recirculating feature for proven mixing.

Properly condiditoned sludge better withstands the sheer force of the mechanical dewatering.

Deskin Quick-Dry Beds

Sludge Drying

The Deskins Quick-Filter Bed is a great solution to your facilities dewatering needs!

A great alternative to traditional sand drying beds and odorous sand lagoons. Deskins will play a pivotal role in backwash water recovery and generating Class A biosolids when water reuse becomes more pivotal when designing a dewatering system.

Enhanced Separation
Enhanced Soilids Capture (99%)
Enhanced Drying (2-4 hours to 18-24%)

Barnes Self Priming Pumps

Self Priming Pumps

Barnes® and Crown® offer a broad range of engineered self-priming centrifugal pumps for a variety of light to heavy-duty wastewater applications. Designed specifically for unscreened
raw sewage applications.  Barnes and Crown pumps are a reliable choice.

These pumps are available in 1½” through 10” discharge sizes and can handle spherical solids up to 3” in diameter depending on pump model and size.  With heads to 184’ and capacities to 4400 GPM, Barnes
and Crown self-priming pumps deliver efficient hydraulic coverage. 

Weinman Centrifigal Pumps

Centrifugal Pumps

Crane Pumps & Systems versatile end-suction pumps are heavy duty, general purpose centrifugal pumps with heavy wall castings suitable for many municipal needs.

High efficiencies, robust case  construction of cast iron, and impeller construction of bronze makes these pumps an ideal selection for applications that require easy-to-maintain, reliable, long lasting pumps.

Available in End-Suction, Vertical Inline, Inline, Column, and Split Case designs.

Deming Solids Handling Pumps

Dry Pit Solids Handling Pumps

The Deming 7100 Series, by Crane Pumps & Systems, offers an expanded line of
solids-handling centrifugal pumps for mounting in a (horizontal or vertical position) handling 3” spheres. Compact design and heavy shaft with optimum
bearing span assure longer packing and bearing life with lower maintenance costs. Series 7100 pumps provide the
outstanding performance required to meet the widest possible range of service conditions encountered by municipalities. 

Barbes Fiberglass Lift Stations

Package Lift Stations

Barnes Pipe Rail Fiberglass Lift Stations provide ease of pump installation and maintenance using the quick disconnect breakaway fitting and stainless steel guide rails. They offer a broad range of customized and standard basins with reliable and dependable 1 to 7.5 hp grinder pumps, effluent pumps, and sewage ejectors in simplex and duplex configurations. The basins come in a variety of sizes and offer options in pumps, control panels, and covers to suit every project’s exact needs.

Stations are available to order in custom configured and pre-configured standard options.

Cloacina Wastewater Treatment

Package Treatment Plants

Cloacina is a market leader in small and compact wastewater treatment plants for the municipal market.  

Their small package MBR plant, they can handle every part of the treatment with benificial reuse for your community while eliminating large lagoon systems.  

Lease and financing is also available. 

Vogelsang Grinders


Vogelsang is a world leading manufacture of both twin shaft, and single shaft grinders.  Their XRipper combines a heavy duty grinder teeth, with simple and easy maintienace done on-site without factory refurbishment.  Stop replacing your cutting stacks, and replace them with Vogelsang's drop in replacement twin shaft grinder!  Available in both pipeline, channel, and lift station models.

TKM Metering Pumps

Chemical Pumps

TKM Industries manufactures high-quality, custom-engineered metering pumps for the chemical, wastewater and mining industries, and is based in Marietta, Georgia. The pumps utilize a modular design using common components across the product line, providing the customer with highly reliable, low maintenance costs and extended pump longevity. 

Replace your current chemical feed pump with a rugged and repliable replacement.

Barnes Solid Handing Submersible Pumps

Submersible Pumps

Barnes Submersible Solids Handling impellers are designed for outstanding clogging resistance and true pumping efficiency. For even the toughest wet-well application the Barnes SH Series offers reduced maintenance costs and clog resistance hydraulics.

The Barnes SH series is also available as a Chopper pump in the Sithe Series!  Sithe provides robust chopping for the toughest lift station applications.  Your SH pump can also be upgraded to Sithe!

DDI Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchangers

DDI manufactures the only non-pluggable heat exchanger on the market!   They can not only exchange heat from clean liquids, but sludge as well.  

Take heat from your raw sludge, or digested sludge and reduce your energy usage with DDI.

Reduced Maintenance
Energy Savings

Cloacina Wastewater Treatment


Cloacina is a market leader in small and compact wastewater treatment plants for the municipal market.  

Cloacina has now revolutionized sludge thickening by being the first company to incorporate Silicon Carbide (SIC) membranes into a package sludge thickening system that can be easily installed at sites with thickening needs.

Clients can now thicken sludge without the use of polymers and their downstream effects!

Vogelsang Rotary Lobe Pumps

Rotary Lobe Pumps

Vogelsang is the market leader in the design and manufacture of rotary lobe pumps and systems. For over 80 years, we've been responsible for the major innovations and advances in positive displacement rotary lobe pump design.

Our developments such as the multi-wing convoluted rotary lobe, adjustable housings and the InjectionSystem ensure long life and efficient operation. Our pumps are always developed with the end user in mind. Vogelsang pumps are some of the easiest pumping products to maintain and operate on the market today. 

Vogelsang Rotary Lobe Pumps are available in many styles and capacities. We offer low flow, high volume pumps up to high flow and high pressure models. A wide variety of materials of construction is available for maximum chemical and system compatibility.

Whirling PC Pumps

Progressing Cavity Pumps

Whirling Pumps provide progressive cavity pumps and replacement parts for the municipal market.  

The WL & WM pumps series are used in the most challenging applications in the industry.

The complete series grants capacities of up to 310 USGPM. They are assembled with 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 stages, which allows to obtain pressures of up to 510 PSI.

Whirling Pumps are built with the most demanding quality standards. Different materials are combined, depending on the requirements of each application.

Albin Hose Pumps

Hose Pumps

Albin Peristaltic Hose Pumps are used for many different and unique applications. Selecting a hose pump can be easy due to its linear performance, meaning that every full revolution is an exact displacement.

Albin Hose Pumps are used in a variety of applications such as:

Water/Wastewater Treatment
Mining & Quarries
Chemical Processing
Food and Beverage
Paints and Pigments
Agriculture and Biofuel
Pulp and Paper
Filter Presses

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