Prime Solution Rotary Fan Press

Yes, there is a simple solution to the municipal, agricultural and industrial demands for dewatering technology!  Designed using fundamental physics (friction and pressure force water out through the path of least resistance), our patented Rotary Fan Press technology creates high-percentage cake solids.

Compact Size

The compact, slow moving, quiet design of the Prime Rotary Fan Press® integrates easily into any facility, requiring no structural building modifications. Continuous dewatering within enclosed vertical dewatering channels makes it the dewatering system with the highest throughput per area of floor space required. 

High Cake Solids

On average, the Prime Rotary Fan Press® uses 13-20 pounds  polymer per ton of biosolids comparable to other dewatering technologies to achieve dry cake solids and help reduce hauling costs.

Prime Solution


One of the best features is that the Prime Rotary Fan Press® is fully expandable without purchasing new equipment.  Machines can come in up to 4 dewatering channels that require minimal upgrades to extend your dewatering capacity.

Low Power / Maintenance Requirements

Energy cost is one of the largest expenses associated with a dewatering system. The slow revolution of the Prime Rotary Fan Press® (1 to 2 rotations per minute) minimizes the energy required to operate. Depending on the model, the system uses .75-13 horsepower—15-20 percent less energy than the belt press and nearly 90 percent less than the centrifuge.


The Prime Rotary Fan Press® has a variety of municipal, industrial, and agricultrual applications, including but not limited to:

Application Average
lbs/ton D.S.
Rate %
Dry Cake
Solids %
Primary Sludge2-64-896-9828-38
Anaerobic Digested1-48-1294-9720-28
Aerobic Digested1-310-1492-9615-22
Primary & Secondary1-48-1093-9720-32
Waste Activated Sludge (WAS)1-39-1592-9715-22
Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR).75-29-1592-9716-23
Alum Sludge5-98-1494-9722-30
PAC 206-108-1495-9825-35
Lime Sludge5-98-1495-9828-45
Grease Traps (Lime Treated)1-49-1593-9638-48
Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)3-58-1495-9820-28
Dairy Manure3-88-1494-9726-38
Swine Manure1-47-1094-9724-36
Concrete Reclaim5-157-1095-9828-45
Coal Refuse3-54-895-9860-70
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How does a Rotary Fan Press Work?

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