Pumps that are Gentle with Grapes, Minimal Shear, Whole Cluster Friendly - The ideal positive displacement wine pump for must, pump-over and other common wine process applications. Configured with Vogelsang's exclusive HiFlo® rubber lobe design that can move whole grape clusters containing staples and MOG without locking up. 

The Vogelsang wine pump allows your grapes & juice to be pumped throughout the process with very little damage as compared to progressing cavity, centrifugal and metal rotor lobe pumps.  Their pumps are best for juice transfer, pump-overs, barrel racking, and most of all Must.  

Vogelsang offers a variety of sizes for your needs up to 4400 GPM!  There are a total of 4 units available on a versital cart making them great for multiple purposes around the winery.

Vogelsang 60

The low volume version is capable of up to 60 GPM.  Perfect for Juice and Barrel applications.

Vogelsang 130

The medium volume pump is capable up to 150 GPM.  A great pump for Must and general juice transfer.

Vogelsang 220

The high capacity pump is capable up to 250 GPM.  A superior pump for Must and general juice transfer.

Vogelsang 320

The ultra high capacity pump can do up to 350 GPM. Designed for Must, Lees, and transfer.

  1. NO STOPPAGES / LOCK UP - Using a rubber HiFlo® lobes design provides a lot more forgivness over other metal lobe pump designs that have been used.  Must pumping will no longer be stopped in the middle of harvest due to staples and other MOG entrained in your Must!
  2. PULSATION FREE - Vogelsang's exclusive HiFlo® multiple tip lobes provide pulsation free flow throughout their entire operating range.  Smooth flow of your juice and Must to provide the best quality from the vine to the bottle. Check it out now!
  3. REVERSIBLE - Due to the HiFlo® lobe design, it is simple to reverse the flow by switching the direction on the VFD.   The HiFlo® design operates in both directions without any differences.
  4. INJECTION HOUSINGS - You can now do even less damage to your grapes, skins, and seeds in Must pumping!  Vogelsang's injection housing provides a simple design that not only extends the life of the pump, but also passes solids with ease. Check it out now!
  5. SELF-PRIMING - Being a positive displacement lobe pump design, the pump is able to self-prime it's self up to 25FT (wet).  This provides a simple solution to get all the juice and must into the pump without manual intervention. Check it out now!
  6. QUICK SERVICE - Vogelsang pumps can be quickly serviced, and inline where they are mounted or without removing the pump from service.  Their quick release front cover provides quick access to the wet end of the pump. Check it out now!

What can you Pump?

The best pump to move your grapes from a hopper or crusher into a holding tank is the one that delivers them most in tact. Centrifugal pumps used by many wineries do tremendous damage to grapes by excessive force resulting from the high rpm needed to achieve adequate pressure. High rpm centrifugal pumps also shear the juice. Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps do not need to revolve as fast to achieve the appropriate pressure required to move grapes into your holding tank resulting in better grape and juice quality with minimal shear.

Progressing cavity pumps tend to smash grapes and seeds releasing oil into the juice which will affect the taste of your wine. They are also known to severely damage grape skins. Progressing cavity pumps require higher horsepower motors and are very sensitive to foreign objects and debris such as staples that commonly get into the must. Our smaller rotary lobe pumps require less power for the same capacity as a progressing cavity pump and are able to pass solids up to 2.5” (61mm).

Other lobe pumps use straight, not convoluted, two or three tipped lobes made from stainless steel that don't feature the large internal cavity that our HiFlo have. This style of lobe crushes grapes, seeds stems and skins. Because their steel will not give like our elastomeric will, these pumps will frequently lock up from staples and other debris. The straight three lobe design made from any material has the highest pulsation rate of all lobe designs. 

Vogelang pumps are great for pump over applications. As with the must pump applications, centrifugal pumps shear the liquid each time the juice is cycled through the pump. The longer you pump over the juice the more aerated it gets. With a Vogelsang pump you get minimal liquid shear so you can pump over the juice longer which enables you to extract more of the flavor from the must. For smaller wineries that choose a smaller portable rotary lobe pump for must applications, a separate set of hoses can be configured so you can use the same unit for your pump over application.

Vogelsang pumps are also ideal for pumping juice into your next tank for blending. Centrifugal pumps run at high RPM causing a blender effect inside the pump in order to transfer liquids.  This can bruise the wine, and if there is still skins or seeds, they can macerate them and cause poor tastes in the wine.  The Vogelsang HiFlo® lobe design is smooth and gentle, and doesn't shear the juice. 

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